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Three Things We Enjoyed in January


January is the beginning of the year, and all of us definitely celebrate it together with our loved ones that makes this month enjoyable. But since us, Team Awesome don’t celebrate it together we’ll share simple things that we enjoyed in the month of January.

Simply enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it.

Karolina Kurkova


This hazelnut spread with cocoa is definitely an all-time favorite of everyone regardless of age. And Team Awesome is a fan of it because it is so damn good that makes it very addictive. We have two jars of 950g Nutella here in our office, and because it is so big, we haven’t opened the second jar yet. Nutella serves as our dessert after we ate lunch and it also serves as an energy pill for us because when we feel sleepy, we get a couple of amount of it and take it. After that, we feel very hyper and alive.





Beside from Nutella, this chocolate drink is one of the things that the team enjoys. It is also from the package that we received from Seattle. It has the natural goodness of malt and milk, and it is caffeine free that makes it yummy and we all love this because just a spoon of it is enough and you don’t need to add sugar since it is sweet itself. We sometimes pared it during lunch, and like Nutella, it also serves as an energy drink that boosts our morale.

Spotify Playlist

The team enjoys working while playing music because it reduces stress. It also helps us to bond with the team since everyone sings when we all know the song that currently plays. The playlist that we always play is the “Top Hits Philippines” because every one of us knows most of the songs there and when it played, all of us sing together, and we’re like on a Glee. It also helps us change our moods especially when we had a hard time with our items, singing definitely help us out.




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