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What is Chatbot?


Change in only permanent thing in this world, so the saying goes. Everything changes excepts changes itself. Indeed, we are living in a era of rapid technology changes. Now that the industrialized society has shifted to an information base society. The art and science collecting, organizing, retrieving and utilizing information with minimum expenditure of time, money and efforts better known as information technology has become significant importance.

The use of technology increase day by day. From school, works, home and even in business. Imagined, business few decades ago there are no email, internet, telecommunication or even smart phones but now, communication is rapidly, big files of information send through email or internet. Powerful tools are in hands of employees and owners. Technology has important effects in business. It will help the business to make money and produce efficiency to customer. In short, technology improves operation of all company sizes that helps small businesses turn into global business. And using technology people can make easily touch others people through-out the world.



Chat bot increases the customer engagement and promote services and products.

Technology: making the life of the people in business efficient, even communicating with client and to ask for their information or any feedback and comments about their business. That’s why programmers, web developers and any other job related in Information Technology finds a way how their clients able to communicate or to ask information about their customers. One of these ways is using Chat Bot. There are two historical Chat Bot in late 1960’s and 1970’s. These are Eliza and Parry.

A Chat Bot is a scripted Human-like User interface that customer is able to communicate or to get some information about the business and about their concerns. It can as for your information according to the script that a developer wrote to it. A Chat Bot is one of the well-known UI that are using a much well-known company around the world like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Disney and so many more. It also use in Messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams and WeChat.

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