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Last week our blog was all about the Gmail Add-on which is the Smarsheet. This time, we’ll go to introduce you to another Add-on for Gmail. Its functionalities may be the same with Smartsheet, but they are different in some ways.

This add-on will also help in office works, especially when you have a task to do and you are too lazy to put it on notes, but you also want to be reminded.

Asana can turn emails into task with assigned resposibilities and due dates.

Asana is a website but at the same time a mobile app that will help teams like us track their work. It will help you keep updated on your tasks and reminds you of the due date. It also has a feature where you can assign responsibility to someone from your team. It can be your reminder since all works that need to do is shown here. And it was good news having this as an add-on for Gmail. It will help you work hassle-free since emails can turn into task using this add-on.




  1. Click Create New Task.




  1. A preview of your tasks will show.

It is also an Add-on that will save you from doing much work if you try to add a task manually. It provides easy step to use it and is a user-friendly one. With the help of Asana, you can turn emails into tasks with an assigned person and due dates. You’ll definitely have many finished works and can’t forget even just a single task using this Add-on.

For more information about Asana for Gmail Add-on, just click here.

Just like the Smartsheet, it has the same steps on how to install Asana Add-on. You’ll just need to click the Gear icon and select the Get Add-on, then the list of Add-ons will display just choose Asana and install it. Follow the necessary steps and make sure you’ll log into your account in Asana.

These are the steps on how to use Asana Add-on:

  1. Open an email, then at the right side of the email, Click Asana which is 3 dots in the icon from the Add-on installed in your account.
  1. Set the Due Date and add a Description for your task then click Create Task.

You can also post a comment on your task or mark it as complete when done. When you try to open it in Asana web app, you’ll find there the email added as a task.

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