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A More Intelligent Google Sheets Is Coming


Last week, we discussed the release of new G Suite updates and how the team behind G Suite has been hard at work at improving their apps. What we haven’t talked about yet is this latest news about a more improved Google Sheets. For businesses that are using G Suite, Google Sheets is probably one of the most used applications, since we use it for analyzing data and creating reports. For avid users of Google Sheets, you will benefit most from these new releases.

It is easy to analyze data when there are only a little over a hundred in the spreadsheet, but what if the list goes on and the data has blown up to thousands and thousands of rows? It is definitely a challenge especially for those that are not yet pros in this kind of analyzation. But with this update of Google Sheets, getting insights in your reports would not be as much of a challenge anymore.

When it comes to data in spreadsheets, deciphering meaningful insights can be a challenge whether you’re a spreadsheet guru or data analytics pro. But thanks to advances in the cloud and artificial intelligence, you can instantly uncover insights and empower everyone in your organization—not just those with technical or analytics backgrounds—to make more informed decisions. –

Google Sheets have been made more intelligent now, and users will be able to see it through the smarter formula suggestions. What we used to do before in Google Sheets is that when we want to know the sum or average of our data, we type it manually. In the new feature of Sheets, when you type in the “=” sign, you will then see a list of suggestions of formulas that are relevant to your data. It is intelligent in the sense that the recommendations are based on the context clues that can be seen in your data.

If there are thousands of data, we often use pivot tables to have a summarized view of all these records, and this can be done manually. Now, the more intelligent Google Sheets will suggest the pivot tables for you based on your data. But if what you need is not in the suggestions, you can also start from scratch and Sheets will still help you create pivot tables faster by suggesting the tables that you can use. For now, though, this can only be done in the browser version of the app.




We have also discussed in a previous blog about the Insights in Google Docs and Sheets, which will answer questions for you such as “what is the sum of all amounts for January?” So long as your question is relevant to your data, you will get your answer. The answer feature is available only in English, for now.

Aside from these, more updates are being worked on for Google Sheets such as customizable headings for columns and rows, more new features for the pivot table, waterfall charts, and quick copy-paste or import for data with a fixed-width or delimited format.

The scheduled release of these new features will be on January 24th, 2018 so make sure to check your Google Sheets app around that date.

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